Barcelona is known for its vibrant and creative shopping scene, and there are many concept stores throughout the city. Here are a few options to consider:

1. La Nostra Ciutat: A store where you can find unique gifts and souvenirs that are designed with love. The store is located in the heart of a trendy shopping district and has a warm and inviting atmosphere.


2. Santa Eulalia: This luxury concept store is located in the heart of Barcelona's Passeig de Gracia. Santa Eulalia offers a carefully curated selection of high-end fashion and accessories for men and women, as well as beauty products, homeware, and art.


3. Laie: This bookstore and cultural center in the trendy neighborhood of El Raval offers a wide selection of books in multiple languages, as well as art exhibitions, workshops, and other events. Laie also has a café and a restaurant.


4. Moco Concept Store: A trendy boutique located in the historic Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The store has a stylish and modern vibe, with minimalist decor and clean lines.


These are just a few examples of the many concept stores in Barcelona. There are many more to discover throughout the city, each with its unique style and offerings.