Barcelona has a vibrant specialty coffee scene, and there are several reasons why you should try specialty coffee while you are in the city – Unique blends and flavors.

Specialty coffee shops in Barcelona source their beans from all over the world, and they often roast their own beans in-house. This means that you can expect to try unique blends and flavors that you may not be able to find anywhere else.


1. Roast Club Café: At the heart of Eixample. They just opened recently so you must check this place, bring your family and friends here. Pet friendly. C/ de València, 190, 08011 Barcelona


2. LOT Roasters: A part from coffee, do you also love chocolate?Chocolate Bean to Bar producido en Barcelona con cacao de único origen, nativo del Amazonas y los Andes del Perú. This place is for you! C/ de Bailèn, 43, 08010 Barcelona


3. Dalston Coffee: A small but special spot in the neighbourhood of Ciutat Vella. It's a sweet spot where you can converse with the barista or have your coffee in their terrace. Carrer de les Ramelleres, 16, 08001 Barcelona