Here at LNC we do not only collaborate with designers to create amazing art in-house, but also a series of brands which we are very proud to stock on our shelves. 

We embrace and support talent and our passion for art has given us the opportunity to add and specially select products and designs from different brands and designers from Barcelona to sell on our stores.

Here you can find a list of the brands which we currently stock:

Agustina Berta Navascues Bibu
Brianna Calum Charuca
Chez Paulette Daniella Ferretti DOIY
Draw Me A Song Drawing BCN Ecke
El Nan Faves Comptades GoodWords
Govalis Idmary Hernandez Ivan Triay
Javier Rubin Grassa Kuska L'Alquimista
La Variete La Vida en Comida LNC Originals
Lori Macarena Ortega Malmesos
Manuela Montoya Mariona Tolosa Marta Chojnacka
Materiarica Mister Karton Naume Studio
Nursery Art Olga Molina Pacific and Co
Pandas Eyeware Personalia Piuskius
Plego Reuse by LNC SUP
Supercaligrafica Tapooki Villains Need Love
Walk With Me Wouf Xavier Julia Sanchez


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