Exclusive Collections

Here at LNC we work with a whole host of fantastic artists to make exclusive collections which can only be found in our stores.

"Original works, Exclusively at LNC"

Some of the amazing artists we have collaborated with so far include:

Sophie Wainwright

I'm an illustrator, printmaker currently living in Barcelona. With a childhood surrounded by books and drawing in the Shropshire countryside, my work has been largely influenced by nature, folklore and old children's books. I also have a love for weird and wonderful buildings.


MENGANITAdecual, I am from Murcia (Spain). Illustrator and plastic artist, I like to combine both disciplines in my work. My style is characterized by great versatility and mastery of graphic, pictorial and digital techniques.

Draw me a song

Have you ever listened to a song and thought about what it would look like illustrated? If so Draw Me a Song is the perfect way to bring some life to your walls. They bring to life the very feel of music so that you won’t have to go listen to it. 

Idmary Hernandez

Freelance Illustrator. Born in Venezuela, currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Fluent in Spanish and English. Interests: illustration, fashion, traveling, stationary work, editorial illustration and children's book and social networks.


Pandagat twist the idea of modern illustrations in a way that is both reminisced of pop culture while still being having its own personality. 

Good Words

Good Words dictionary prints are a funny addition to any blank wall space. They’re great decorators of homes, stores, work places and an amazing gift! If you would like to add a frame to yours, please add this in the listing above in your desired colour!

Casals Juanola

Currently based in Barcelona Working as a freelance designer and illustrator. All my work are inspired by nature, animals, and the mediterranean light of my natal region. I enjoy creating magical and imaginary worlds where there are my animals, flowers and landscapes and where the viewer can travel to a dream world.

If you are interested in working with us to create a collection then please get in touch!

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